Warranty| page 14, Environmental Factors Not Covered“Your warranties don’t cover damage caused by environmental factors such as airborne fallout, bird droppings, insect damage, chemicals, tree sap, salt, ocean spray, acid rain, and road hazards”

Owners Manual| page 701, Protection Of Body And Paint From Corrosion“Vehicle body care requirements vary according to geographic locations and usage. Chemicals that make roads passable in snow and ice, and chemicals that are sprayed on trees and road surfaces during other seasons, are highly corrosive to the metal in your vehicle. Outside parking, which exposes your vehicle to airborne contaminants, road surfaces on which the vehicle is operated, extreme hot or cold weather and other extreme conditions will have an adverse effect on paint, “ What Causes Corrosion?“Corrosion is the result of deterioration or removal of paint and protective coatings from your vehicle.
The most common causes are:
•  Road salt, dirt and moisture accumulation.
• Insects, tree sap and tar.
• Salt in the air near seacoast localities.
• Atmospheric fallout/industrial pollutants.”