Warranty| page 8, What is not covered: DAMAGE, FAILURES OR CORROSION FROM ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS This warranty does not cover damage, failures or corrosion resulting from or caused by: Stone chipping, chemical fallout (acid rain), tree sap, salt, hail, windstorm, lightning,flood or other environmental conditions.

Owners Manual| page 7-2, Cleaning Exterior “In order to maintain the appearance of your vehicle, it is important to take proper care of it. To protect the paint surfaces, please wash your vehicle as soon as you can:
after a rainfall to prevent possible damage from acid rain
• after driving on coastal roads
• when contaminants such as soot, bird droppings, tree sap, metal particles or bugs get on the paint surface
• when dust or mud builds up on the surface
Whenever possible, store or park your vehicle inside a garage or in a covered area. When it is necessary to park outside, park in a shady area or protect the vehicle with a body cover. Be careful not to scratch the paint surface when putting on or removing the body cover.”