Unique Chemistries

The highlight of the SmartShield™ program featuring Armor All® products are the amazing chemistries used on your vehicle. These chemistries have been created for their outstanding protective qualities. These are not chemistries that are available to the general public. They are only found at select authorized New Car Dealers.


For your paint we have a chemistry that is called a Polysilazane.
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Polysilazane is not a wax, polish, or sealant. When it is applied to your vehicle it forms an ultra thin semi-permanent glass coating on your vehicle. Making your vehicle’s paint resistant to all the bad things that can happen to it, while keeping it looking beautiful!


Fabric and carpeting.

For your fabric seats and carpeting we have a unique water based protectant that is extremely safe, and amazingly effective at keeping your vehicles carpet and fabric seats looking their best. It is designed to not allow staining materials from attaching to the fibers in your seat and carpeting….making staining nearly impossible. And really easy to clean up!


Laboratory Testing.

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Our exclusive technology for leather actually coats your leather with a protective acrylic layer. This unique chemistry does not allow the dozens of things that can stain your seats to cause damage. This is serious protection that keeps your leather interior looking beautiful.