Warranty Booklet|page 11, Damage or Corrosion Due to Environment, Chemical Treatments, or Aftermarket Products“Damage caused by airborne fallout, rail dust, salt from sea air, salt or other materials used to control road conditions, chemicals, tree sap, the application of chemicals or sealants subsequent to manufacture, etc., is not covered. See ‘Chemical Paint Spotting’ under Things to Know About the New Vehicle Limited Warranty 0 14.”

Warranty Booklet| page 16, Chemical Paint Spotting “Some weather and atmospheric conditions can create a chemical fallout. Airborne pollutants can fall upon and adhere to painted surfaces on your vehicle. This damage can take two forms: blotchy, ring-shaped discolorations, and/or small irregular dark spots etched into the paint surface. Although no defect in the factory applied paint causes this, Cadillac will repair, at no charge to the owner, the painted surfaces of new vehicles damaged by this fallout condition within 12 months or 12,000 miles of purchase, whichever comes first.”

Owners Manual | page 263, Finish Care“Foreign materials such as calcium chloride and other salts, ice melting agents, road oil and tar, tree sap, bird droppings, chemicals from industrial chimneys, etc., can damage the vehicle’s finish if they remain on painted surfaces. Wash the vehicle as soon as possible. If necessary, use non-abrasive cleaners that are marked safe for painted surfaces to remove foreign matter.”