Warranty Booklet| page 11, What is not covered“Environmental damage and Paint
Paint damage caused by abuse or lack of proper maintenance.
• Environmental damage (such as that caused by acid rain or other industrial pollution, insect or bird droppings, tree sap, stones or other flying missiles, highway maintenance chemicals
• Paint color matching. (PCNA reserves the right to decide whether painting the repaired or replaced panel to match the original finish is practicable. PCNA will not, under any circumstances, pay for painting the entire car solely for paint color matching.)”

Owners Manual| page 271, Washing“The best protection for the car from the damaging effects of the environment is frequent washing and preservation. The underside of the car should also be thoroughly washed for cinders, salt or sanding at winter‘s end. The longer salt, road dust, industrial dust, insect remains, bird excrement, and tree exudations (resin, pollen), etc. are allowed to remain on the bodywork, the more serious is their harmful effect. New cars should be washed carefully with plenty of clear water to protect the new paint work.
• Do not wash your car in bright sunlight or while the bodywork is still hot.
• When washing by hand, use abundant water, a soft sponge or wash brush and Porsche car shampoo.
• Begin by spraying the body thoroughly with water to rinse away loose dirt.
• After washing, rinse the car with plenty of water and then dry with a chamois leather. Do not use the same chamois leather for drying as you use for cleaning the windshield and windows.”