Warranty| page 8, Exclusions and Limitations“This New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not cover any vehicle damage or malfunction directly or indirectly caused by, due to or resulting from normal wear or deterioration, abuse, misuse, negligence, accident, improper maintenance, operation, storage or transport, including, but not limited to, any of the following:
The environment or an act of God, including, but not limited to, exposure to sunlight, airborne chemicals, tree sap, animal or insect droppings, road debris (including stone chips), industry fallout, rail dust, salt, hail, floods, wind storms, acid rain, fire, water, contamination, lightning and other environmental conditions.”

Owners Manual| page 118, Cleaning the Exterior“To prevent damage to the paint, immediately remove corrosive substances (bird droppings, tree resin, dead insects, tar spots, road salt, industrial fallout, etc). Do not wait until Model S is due for a complete wash. If necessary, use denatured alcohol to remove tar spots and stubborn grease stains, then immediately wash the area with water and a mild, non-detergent soap to remove the alcohol. Follow these steps when washing the exterior of Model S:
Rinse Thoroughly: Before washing, flush grime and grit from the bodywork using a hose. Flush away accumulations of mud in areas where debris easily collects (such as wheel arches and panel seams). If salt has been used on the highways (such as during winter months), thoroughly rinse all traces of road salt from the underside of the vehicle.
• Hand Wash: Hand wash Model S using a soft cloth and cold or lukewarm water containing a mild, good quality car shampoo.
• Rinse with Clean Water. After washing, rinse with clean water to prevent soap from drying on the surfaces.”