Warranty| page 46, What is not covered“Damage resulting from stone-chipping mechanical damage, scratches, dents, industrial fall-out, environmental damage (including but not limited to, chemicals, tree sap, other atmospheric conditions, etc.) hailstones, road hazards, or other acts of nature, and unprepared accident damage.”

Owners Manual| page 356, Washing the car“The following points should be kept in mind when washing and cleaning the car:
The car should be washed at regular intervals since dirt, dust, insects and tar spots adhere to the paint and may cause damage. To help prevent corrosion, it is particularly important to wash the car frequently in the wintertime when salt has been used on the roads.
• Avoid washing your car in direct sunlight. Doing so may cause detergents and wax to dry out and become abrasive.
• Bird droppings: Remove from paintwork as soon as possible. Otherwise the finish may be permanently damaged.”