Warranty  Pages 4-6 of Warranty Booklet under WHAT IS NOT COVERED

Damage caused by the environment

This limited warranty does not cover damage, malfunctions, or symptoms resulting from stones, floodwater, airborne industrial pollutants (e.g. acid rain), bird droppings, windstorms, tree sap, plant debris, or other similar materials or occurrences.

VW Recommended Care and Cleaning

Regular and expert care helps to preserve the value of your vehicle. Such expert care may also be one of the requirements of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty if corrosion repair or repainting is necessary.

Modern clothing fabrics such as dark denim may not be completely colorfast. Even with normal use, dye from these and other fabrics can rub off on seat upholstery and leave visible discolorations (especially on light-colored seat upholstery). This is caused by a lack of colorfastness in the clothing fabric, not by any fault in the seat upholstery fabric. To help prevent damage to the seat upholstery, always make sure your clothing is colorfast. Volkswagen recommends having a qualified specialist remove any discolorations from the seat upholstery.